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Jet pro soft stretch ???

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Only ever used tansfer paper for darks which obviously comes as a white background. I understand that softstretch for lights comes as a transparent film as a printing surface. Ok maybe a simple answer for this, but please bare with a novice here. How does it work with a white image background?does it print that transparent? I know I'm gonna get shot down or ignored :)
but i'm slightly baffled lol:confused:

many thanks in advance!
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It just doesn't put down any ink on the white areas. While it is "clear", you will get a "polymer window" of the backing material if you don't contour-cut it the same way you do with opaque transfers.

Depending on what your design is like, you may need to give it an outline or drop shadow for it to be more "visible". Proof it on plain paper.
Thanks for reply. So how does it work if there is white in the design. For example a photo image where say somebody is wearing a brilliant white t/shirt??
There is no white ink, so any white areas on your design will show through the same color as your shirt.
Yeah right!!! Suppose substituting whit for a light shade of cream, grey etc would remedy that? Thanx very much for reply.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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