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Jet Pro Soft strech for whites color run

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Hi All, I have been using JetPro Soft Stretch now daily for the past couple of months, I love the stuff, great vivid colours and little light touch but I have a major concern that quite often my T-shirts when washed the transferred prints colors run, I press the design at 190 degrees for 30 seconds as recommended then stretch afterwards to make the touch feel lighter as the paper work advises.

I am using a high end epson printer on text and image settings with good quality inks from a company called ProJet (Know association with Jet Pro Softstrech just similar names) I have used epson original inks in the past and the same thing happened, I have done loads of testing with this paper using differnent pressing times and length between washes but still this continues and it appears to be at random but I always wash the garment after 24 hrs and inside out.

I understand that the paper is intended for tight weave garments however it does not mention how tight, up until now I have been using fruit of the loom medium weight which is 165gm but am going to start using Gildan G2000 Premium weight 205gm to see if this solves the problem, has anyone else had this same problem using this paper? or got any advice to give? it would be greatly appreciated,


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It soulds like your doing everything ok. I press again for about 10 seconds with teflon. I use mostly Gildan shirts and never have a problem with ink running. It could be that the shirt is treated with something. Just a guess.
My guess is its the inks.
Hi, thanks fro your replies, what inks and printer are you using?
I use a R1900 and WF1100 from Ebson. Both with stock inks (pigment base).
Epson 1400 with heatpress pigment inks.
Hi, thanks allot guys, what ink would you recommend I use? I have a Epson r340, have to stay clear of original epsons their far to expensive, just a company/ product name would be greatly appreciated, Thanks again!
When you wash them be sure you don't use bleach. Most use bleach for whites, but it can't be used with transfers.
Wait...190 degrees? My instructions for the same product say 375 for 30 degrees
That is a dye ink printer and this is most likely your trouble. Find a printer with pigment inks. I would suggest looking into the Epson WorkForce 1100. If you want CIS or refillable carts then i would look to Cobra Ink.
Jayarr....190 C is 375 F. I am hoping that is what he means.
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