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Hi, my name is Jessica and I stumbled across the forums looking for a screenprinting fulfillment service. (I've signed up to Printmojo but I'm waiting to hear back about international shipping rates). I draw comics which I post on my LiveJournal, and for a while readers have been asking about t-shirts. However, I live in Australia, and most of my readers are in the US, so I want a fulfillment service so I don't have to charge them all crazy shipping (oh, and pack and send them). I want Australian and international readers to be able to buy without insane shipping rates, though. I set up a Cafepress store and just about fainted when I tried to buy something- they wanted $20 shipping for a few postcards! I feel like a lot of US web businesses don't really care about the international market- they don't want the hassle of shipping overseas, so they just put up a high flat rate. Spreadshirt and Zazzle seem to have reasonable rates, but I haven't seen their shirts and I don't really know a lot about how their printing methods look and feel, so hopefully I can use Printmojo.

Anyway, I want to make t-shirts with my characters and designs on them- they'll probably be pretty cute, so I think my market will be mostly female. I really like a lot of Threadless t-shirts, especially those designed by my friend Jess Fink (she designed Cookie Loves Milk). I want to make relatively simple and iconic designs with a few colours.

Um, thanks for having me!
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