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Hi, my name is Jessica and I stumbled across the forums looking for a screenprinting fulfillment service. (I've signed up to Printmojo but I'm waiting to hear back about international shipping rates). I draw comics which I post on my LiveJournal, and for a while readers have been asking about t-shirts. However, I live in Australia, and most of my readers are in the US, so I want a fulfillment service so I don't have to charge them all crazy shipping (oh, and pack and send them). I want Australian and international readers to be able to buy without insane shipping rates, though. I set up a Cafepress store and just about fainted when I tried to buy something- they wanted $20 shipping for a few postcards! I feel like a lot of US web businesses don't really care about the international market- they don't want the hassle of shipping overseas, so they just put up a high flat rate. Spreadshirt and Zazzle seem to have reasonable rates, but I haven't seen their shirts and I don't really know a lot about how their printing methods look and feel, so hopefully I can use Printmojo.

Anyway, I want to make t-shirts with my characters and designs on them- they'll probably be pretty cute, so I think my market will be mostly female. I really like a lot of Threadless t-shirts, especially those designed by my friend Jess Fink (she designed Cookie Loves Milk). I want to make relatively simple and iconic designs with a few colours.

Um, thanks for having me!

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Hi Jessica, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

PrintMojo charges shipping based on the weight of the package and the actual cost charged by the carrier (usps or UPS...international is USPS).

There are no extra "handling" fees added on top of what the carrier charges printmojo.
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