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Jaguar VLX - hear fan but no power light?

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Someone gave me a Jaguar VLX that doesn't work. From my understanding, the machine had been used very, very little. The owner got hurt shortly after buying it (new) and it sat for quite some time. It was in perfect condition.

Then she sold it online. The buyer returned it and complained that some of the accessories were not included and returned it (the missing accessories supposedly were the included tweezers, paper slicer, and usb cable... yes really).

When the original owner received the machine back it no longer works. When you turn it on I can hear a fan come on for a few seconds then it goes off. But no power light and nothing on the control board lights up. Before I start taking it apart does anyone have any suggestions on simple things to try first?

Thank you.
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Check all the cabling...Pull the side panel off and check that everything is plugged in tightly. Could also be a power supply issue, or maybe a short.
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