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Howdy, My wife and I are looking forward to selling Rhinestone T's and whatever else. Awesome site, what makes it awesome is all of the UN-selfish help from all of you PRO's!!!! I been studying this thing day and night (mostly night till 4 am).

Not going to bore you with generic questions, I feel I'm doing my homework on the budget that I can afford to which is small, since I was just laid OFF and my wife will be laid off this WEEK! SO we got to make this work.
I got supplies. Or will have by mid week...
I have corel to make templates.
I have a drill press to make templates with 1/4 inch plexi glass, which works great BTW on my initial test.
Got lots of designs.
I know just word of mouth and wearing you're own designs is the way to start small. But, ALL THAT IS CRAP WITHOUT SALES!

I wanna make medium to large sales along with the daily onesie twosies. I'm not afarid of the workload or worried about too big an order. I think I could put out quite a bit with my lil medium setup with templates.
No way I was going to mess with individual placement.
Or, always have the motifs made for me if in a big crunch.

So, anyhow the thing I haven't seen too much of or at least haven't found is great ideas for marketing and selling.....
Of course E-Bay store will happen shortly, Stupid Myspace page, biz cards, flyers, etc.. Once I get some samples made THIS WEEK!

I have already learned tons more from this site than ANYTHING I have seen on the web...
Thanks TO ALL............

And BTW, seen some posts on how to make designs with Corel, cuz I was searching myself. But, nothing was that great. I found my answer and will post again with some links for others.


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Hi Bruce I also am a newbie here lookin to promote my design talents. Have been a freelance designer using Corel for over 10 years now, am versed in print and web design and recently added tee design to my arsenal. If I can ever be of assistance would only be too happy to help. Good luck with future ventures

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