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Hi all. I hadn't gotten around to introducing myself yet. I am a complete novice at screenprinting & heat pressing. I am a crafter at heart and have done craft shows with some alphabet architecture photography for the past 7 years. Due to the economy and the now popularity of my product sales have gone down so I was kinda thinking of going a new route. I created a heat transfer designs and then another vendor I knew was selling thier heat press, they did custom shirts at craft shows in this manner and did well but were tired of the amount of work involved, are ready to retire. So I bought thier heat press with the intent to do heat transfer shirts at craft shows. Then in December a friend off handedly asked if I wanted to buy his screen printing setup. So I've finally gotten myself together and bought his set up.

Ultimately I want to get into doing team jerseys and potentially shirts to sell at sports tournaments.

I've already learned so much from these forums and think they are wonderful. I started trying to do my first print today and came in to look up things between each step.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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