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Alright, I just started shop March 1st.

For all my research, I do like the softer feel of Alternative Apparel/American Apparel. I have been using Alt. Apparel, mostly because I transfer my stuff when its ordered, and like that I don't need to buy cases of shirts at a time. $4.00 - $5.50 (depending on style), end line pricing regardless of the size of your order. Not bad. And they do have some color mismatch, but that adds to the uniqueness and vintage look and feel.

Plus I think customers appreciate seeing the same label they might see in a dept. store. (I live in Minneapolis, MN, and while researching for my business I went to the mall a lot. Most graphic/humor tees were on AA or Alt. Apparel).

Here is what I am unhappy about, however.

1) Neck sizes --> Alternative Apparel neck sizes are too varied and often too large, even on Mediums.
2) Lack of Woman's jersey crew style. 1x1 Rib doesn't transfer well for me at least, and their only woman's basic jersey style is a capped sleeve.
3) Need more colors. Honestly, how can they have eight different shades of camo but not carry basic royal blue? That one is beyond me.

To sum up: new to the biz, but been reading the forums a lot.

If anyone can come up with a company that offers end-line pricing and cures some of the above mentioned defects, I'd love to hear about it.

Not to knock Alt. either -- hopefully they've got a guy reading this who'll take it as constructive criticism.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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