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I'm printing on JPSS and pressing with a HIX 400. The printer is an Epson WF 7110 with a Cobra CIS system installed. Screens of my WF 7110 and Photoshop settings are included.

The issue I'm having is heavy yellowing on images after they've been pressed. I uploaded the original file, a picture of how the print turned out, and a photo of the original file to show that none of the discoloration is from my camera. I should also note that I attempted to use Relative Colometric and Photoshop Manages Color and there was still the same yellowing.

I've searched the forums to make sure I had all of my settings correct. I'm not currently using a Cobra profile because I've read conflicting results on how well it works and figure that I should be able to get it to look better than this even with a normal profile.

Any help would be appreciated, and I can supply more info if need be.


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