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issues with ink build up during the print process, most likely an art issue.

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Hey everyone, I have a some what complicated situation to describe but i'll do my best in being detailed.
I am working on a job that going down on transfer paper, its screen printed threw a 158 shur loc mesh panel, with a coat of thick emulsion on each side as directed. The problem I am having is there is ink build up in certain parts of the design and its continuing to show when being transferred in this case onto a grey fleece bag. I know its a problem with the art but its complicating to me because when the film prints there is no indications of what is being shown after the job is burned onto the screen. I have a couple pictures that can hopefully better show what I mean. For all you artist out there please let me know if this is a dpi issue, or even maybe a wrong exposure time. I dealt with the exposure part a good bit so I don't think its that. Any help is welcomed and grateful!


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Did you make sure you thoroughly washed out all of the emulsion from the print area? It looks to me that you didn't in that area.
Can I ask why you aren't printing this directly onto the bag?
Doesn't look like an art issue from the posted photos, unless the other orange is completely under the darker one. Judging by the amount of ink hung up in the screen, it seems like you're laying down too much ink. Could be a lot of things- too low of a mesh, low screen tension, dull/too soft of a squegee, too much squegee pressure, not enough off contact or any combination of the above.

If the mesh isn't tight enough, it could also cause the emulsion in the middle of the screen to be thicker, thus giving a heavier ink deposit in the center of the image as opposed to the sides.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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