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Hi there,

I really hope I'm posting in the right forum. I'm trying to set up a business selling clothing with my own designs on. I have a heat press and Cricut (only while I test the market), I've purchased some Jet Opaque heat transfer paper and I've purchased some pigment ink for my old Epson 1400 printer.

However, when I do a test print of the paper the 100% black comes out quite faded. Before I purchased the ink, the company said I'd be able to use normal paper with these inks but I'm wondering if that's the case? Or will I never be able to print black at 100%?

I've tried talking to the printing company but I'm not having much luck. I feel quite downhearted as I also have the issue that the ink is printing quite cool compared to my Canon Megatank and I have no clue how to fix that either.

I've enclosed a photo of print outs from my Canon Megatank (behind) and Epson printer (at the front.)

Could anyone advise? Thanks!
First of all, I thought about saturation. But how to regulate it, just try to reinstall drivers as said above. And, to my mind isn't it better to upgrade your printer to a new one? In case that you are starting business
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