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ISS show in columbus....

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anyone going to this? my wife and her friend are (i have to work and watch the store). she's going to stay a couple of nights and take some classes.

does anyone know of a reasonably priced place to stay? anything that would be good to know? :)
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There is actually a thread about it here:


There is also a member meet up that they can sign up for here:

T-ShirtForums Member Meetup after the 2012 ISS Columbus... - Eventbrite
thanks, stephanie, i did see that thread .08 seconds after i posted that, lol. my wife and her friend greg are going to take some classes, but they'll hit the show, too. we just got the e-mail monday, so we've been frantically getting everything in order.

wish i could go, too, but i can't get out of my day job and i have to run the store after that anyway. they'll teach me what they learned, but i wanted to meet some of y'all. :)
I know! I was hoping you could go. Can you at least make it to the member meet up after the show on Friday?
i really wish i could, but my work schedule is packed and columbus is about an hour and a half away from dayton. i told my wife, lynn, to stop by and tell rodney hello if she gets a chance (and remembers, lol). we're probably going to hit the MBN show in indy in june, too, as that has to do with more trophies and awards, so i hope to make it to that one, at least.

i would have been easy to spot: i would have liked to make up a 'sertified screen printer' shirt that was just *all* jacked up. :)
Well you will have to stop by booth 739 at NBM Indy and say hello to us! We will be exhibiting there.
absolutely. haven't been to it years, so i'm looking forward to it. my wife feels as if she's hit a wall when it comes to the art programmes, so that's a big reason why she wants to hit indy this year, b/c they have a corel workshop (she'll be taking the photoshop workshop in columbus. she's self-taught and kind of wants to learn some tips, tricks and short-cuts. i want her to do complex separations, lol).

anyway, i hope to see some of y'all at NBM. :)
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