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If you need to see equipment in action and examples, you should go. Even if you make one contact or learn one tip...it's worth it.

Search for a free pass...I saw some supplier who must have a big booth offer a pass. Sorry, can't recall who.

Maybe someone will let you go for free if you offer to help man a booth.
Like a local heat press supplier.

If you are ready to buy, you may get a special tradeshow price or floor model price. Just sharing what I've read at other forums.

We didn't decide on doing our own t-shirts in time to hit the show in ISS in Long Beach, CA.

I have been trying to find suppliers to check out heat press/cutter equipment before spending thousands of $$$.

A longtime supplier in Los Angeles reports he's been having tough time finding employees to hire for demos and his walk-ins are taking the samples. Seems silly way of doing business in my opinion, as he does cost a little more than others online. I'm willing to pay a little more, but want the trade-off of "seeing" and "trying" what I'm buying.

As for another supplier...only one guy really knows the equipment, so been waiting for return phone call before traveling over an hour in notorious Los Angeles traffic.

Susan H.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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