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ISS and small business

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I haven’t seen much discussion on the fact that the ISS Orlando Show moved to Sept.
I’m a small business owner in Florida. ISS gives me the opportunity to talk to my suppliers, meet new ones, get new product ideas, see new technology in action and see and feel products which is all very important for me when picking suppliers and product. The show used to be at the beginning of the year, then they moved it a few months down….now they moved the show to basically the end of the year. I don’t like it and I think it screwed a lot of people who plan a year out for that show. I don’t have the resources to fly to Nashville or Vegas. On one hand I appreciate what ISS does but on the other I just feel this hurts business and not just mine. Thanks for letting me vent.
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That's definitely understandable to be frustrated with the date change.

At the same time though, I don't think it was an easy decision for them to make. I'm sure they had lots of money, time, etc invested in planning the show for the original date.

I'm guessing there are some extenuating circumstances that caused the date change...otherwise they wouldn't disrupt things. Planning an event is hard enough as it is :)
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I completely understand, its a good move, its a smart move but less than 4 months out? Like I said i just sucks to have to wait most of the year ( unless I get to Nashville) to see all my suppliers and products in one place. Im a small op so I will adjsut. Like I said more of a vent than anything else. Ill still keep going and appreciate what ISS does.
Just so you know, there is a Graphics of America Show next week in Miami, FL. It is not the same exact industry, but you will see some crossover in exhibitors. Not sure who your suppliers are that you are wanting to meet with. I doubt the apparel companies will be there. But you might find a couple of other ones exhibiting at GOA.

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