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ISO 4-2 press recommendations..

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A little background...

I have a bit of experience (~6 months) working for an acquaintance in his shop and recently bought what amounts to a hobby starter kit to produce some shirts for a co-worker. (2x wood Speedball screens, Diazo Emulsion, Speedball wb white ink, 10" squeegee, safety light, 250w bulb) Simple job- two sides, one color. After I delivered the shirts, a friend mentioned she could use 50 shirts for her employees. We met Thursday and she said she wanted black shirts, two sides, in antique (?) white. She e-mailed the artwork by the time I returned home, but asked if I could price the job for one color *and* three colors (as their design is multi-color).

Now, I'm not confident I could print 50 shirts front and back in multiple colors with my current setup (just the two screens, no registration system). So, I think it's a good idea to invest in a multi-color, multi-station press to get off the ground. Something like thiswould be great for my budget, but it doesn't scream quality and I'm sure the headaches it causes will quickly outweigh the savings. All that said, is there such a thing as a 4-2 press in the $300-600 range? Should I stick with a 1-1 or 4-1 since they tend to be a little more in line with my budget? I'd like to get started on this job next week, so I'm anxious to pull the trigger, but don't want to shoot myself in the foot.

I've searched the internet and this site, but haven't really found anything that seems to fit my needs and budget.

Appreciate any help/advice!

- Justin
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