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At shop I think it is a must to use dedicated circuits for all the equipment you have, so if you are in the middle of a job and a circuit overload it won't stop other people's work.
At home sometimes it is a different matters, if you rent you can not go around running wires.
Also all depends of if your circuits are 15 or 20 amps. for regular 110-120 volts equipment, what else is connected to it, etc. I did run a 20 amp circuit (a pain)to my office in the second floor of our house,for the heat press, one just for the laser printer, one for the servers, then I moved the "production department" to the basement and there it was much easier run wires for my conveyor dryer, the flash dryer, the heat press, etc...
I can do all the electrical work at home because I have been working for over seven years with an electrical contractor company, and now trying to find my way out :D.
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