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Under 300 plus shipping

Geo. Knight & Co. Inc.
54 Lincoln St. Brockton Mass.
Model 475BT
Serial # 1298824
120 volts
60 cy
10.4 amps

Press has following features:

Temperature adjustment switch
Heater light
built in mechanical countdown timer
Applies all types of transfers on items up to 1/2" thick.
Handle design provides for increase in pressure and the leveling, rubber covered lower plate provides even alignment on delicate objects.
Thermostat can be set from off to 500 degrees F
Full range pressure adjustment
Press opens for easy placement of products
T-shirt transfer, sublimation transfer


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ok cool.

Also I had a question.

Say you have a 15x15 press

But a design you are transfering to 15x18

do you press as much as you can. Then do the small section that the press could not reach?

or does that create complications?

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I have never tried this, seems to me, if you are using "hot peel" paper you may run into a problem. You should peel the paper directly after heating, but, you could try to heat and slide the material over and re-heat the small section. I just can't say for sure. Be worth a try.
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