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Is this starter kit any good

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Does anyone have any experience with this kit?

Someone was selling the same one on eBay...it was used once..but nobody bid on it..and was wondering why not? :confused:
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yeah, the Invisable Kit, I heard about that. :)

Here is the link:
I don't have any direct experience with the kit. It looks pretty good, though possibly a bit costly (I didn't sit down and price everything, it just doesn't seem like a great price).
Yeah, that's way overpriced.

All you need is a pair of jiffy clamps and a table and you're in business. Then you can purchase better quality inks and get the colors you want. You can buy quality screens (aluminum screens are about $20) You can use box tape instead of the expensive screen tape. Go to Home Depot and get a 500w halogen worklight for exposure.

Maybe I should start selling a kit....:)
^ lol

this guy was selling the same kit starting at 250.

I was trying to figure out why nobody bid on it.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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