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Your site has a very nice look to it. A couple things I noticed that I would change if it was my site would be...
1. Maybe add the price in USA dollars as well. I dont have a clue what the exchange rate is between our 2 countries, but it might keep me from ordering just because I dont know.

2. I can tell you are in Canada, but you should list your address, telephone number, contact email and any other information to contact you with. This helps the customers feel like they can trust you. Make an "About Us" page and list it all on there.

3. Make your images a link to go to the order page too. Just having a text link at bottum of image might make people miss it. I almost did.

4. Add your shipping charges and any shipping information you can, so people can know what the over all cost will be. This will help people make up their mind quicker if they want to order from you.

5. Good luck and your designs are very nice looking.

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