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Is this name too relevant?

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Iv been wanting to start a clothing line named 'FYG Apparel' Fly. Young & Gifted.

But I found a line already similar in existence.

FYG Clothing — Home

Not sure if it stands for the same thing but it probably does.

So that wouldn't work would it?

Also.... What does everyone think about making a brand called " Fly And Famous clothing" How does that sound to you?
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I think you are right. Forget FYG. I am a firm believer that the name is not likely to make the sale,unless you are large enough to make hundreds a month . Just call it what pleases you .
I agree with Charles. Move on from the name FYG. Not worth investing in it just to have legal issues down the road.

Fly & Famous should be different enough though.
Does Fly & Famous sound too unprofessional?
What do you think about these names?...


LBClothing.com $200 domain.
I'm trying to be helpful here, so please remember that. But honestly, if you want to start a business, YOU have to do the leg work and figure out the details.

Finding a brand name is extremely difficult and time consuming. You can't just go on a forum and ask other people who don't know you, your business plan, your market audience, your research and all the other stuff, to find one for you.

Ask yourself, would you wear a shirt with that logo/name on it? Would your friends or target market? How would you capitalize on such a name? Can you copyright it?

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