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So after years of playing at the edges of the T shirt business I never got the print quality I liked at home and I just don't have the time for the amount of money I would make with fulfillment. I've shut down my Etsy store and web site is on hiatus. I was never on EBay or Amazon. I do have some designs on several marketplace sites.

I'm not sure how many ideas I have number wise but it works out to 25 pages of single line ideas. I don't have a real niche and these ideas are all over the board but primarily, funny, sarcastic, word play etc. Many of these have a brief story as to how they came to be so I would provide a description where applicable. Adding something other than just the idea.

My thought is to maybe hook up with someone who can bring the ideas to life (many are just statements or would require very simple designs, nothing time consuming). Some typography, font choice, colors, etc. I'm self taught and it shows. :D However, I have gotten sales and everyone of my test print shirts that I've worn out has gotten positive comments.

The designs would be available to me to place on marketplace web sites like Spreadshirt, Teepublic, etc. but I would NOT place on EBay, Amazon, Etsy, a personal web site, etc. while the other person could put them on their personal web site, Etsy, Amazon, EBay, etc. There shouldn't be any head to head competition on any platform.

Does this sound like a fair trade/collaboration? Any other suggestions?
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