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Hi guys,

I have a business which currently sells t-shirts vests and hoodies regularly but I'm paying high prices as I'm paying someone else to screen print them all.

Now I'm selling lots of them I'm going to buy and print my own t-shirts.

2 Colour Upgradeable Plastisol Mega Kit

Is this good value for money? Or can anyone else advise some other places to get the equivalent? (in the UK)

Is this all that I'll need? I print t-shirts, vests and hoodies, with a maximum of two colours per design / garment for now.



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Can you post a link to what you're talking about?

Do you really want to spend all the time learning how to print, setting up jobs, printing the jobs *and* marketing your business, shipping orders, handling customer service *and* living your life?

Money is not everything. There's only so much time in the day to do the stuff you're good at and the stuff you love. Sometimes it's OK to sacrifice a little profit to for a little extra time in the day.

Even the people that are wildly successful don't do it *all* themselves :)
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If you're really interested in being a t-shirt printer, check out some of the starter kits at silkscreeningsupplies.com, printa.com, advancedscreenprintsupply.com
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