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I am getting my shirts screen printed the wash instuctions/care/logo on the inside and was wondering if there is a way (design wise) to optimize this. I have 3 different types of shirts (different fabrics) and have 3 sizes for each fabric. When it comes to screen printing, it would be 9 different designs. Is there any way to just print one design for each fabric and somehow put on it that its a certain size, that way I could make it just 3 different designs instead of 9. Or ultimately, would a printer have a problem fitting all 9 designs on a single screen? (to all you screen printers out there)

This is what I mean;

Design 1: Fabric 1, Size S
Design 2: Fabric 1, Size M
Design 3: Fabric 1, Size L
Design 4: Fabric 2, Size S
Design 5: Fabric 2, Size M
Design 6: Fabric 2, Size L
Design 7: Fabric 3, Size S
Design 8: Fabric 3, Size M
Design 9: Fabric 3, Size L

I have noticed, that some brands print the same tag for all sizes, as long as they all have the same material, but how would they mark which option is the current shirt (like they print every shirt having "S M L XL XLL"


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You could make three screens, one for each type with all sized on them. When printing tape off all but the size you are labeling. Other than that it would be labor intensive.
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