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is there a vinyl cutter/plotter for around $500 with an optical eye for cutting heat transfers?

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Hello everyone,

This is the first time i write on your forums although i have been a silent reader for the past 5 months, when i started getting into the t-shirt business,so to introduce myself, i'm Niko from CT and i've recently started a small LLC and i'm trying to design and print my own work on t-shirts.
Now,so far i have managed to find what kind of equipment i'm going to be using, heat press, printer etc but i am stuck on choosing the right Plotter/cutter for my needs.
I know there are like 1k posts out there asking the same thing but even after reading them all, i still haven't made up my mind on what to buy.
What i will be doing with the plotter is cutting my jet-printed heat transfers, so an optical eye is best solution there but i also want to cut vinyl to press on some dark garments.
If i could afford a Roland GX-24 i wouldn't be here today writing this long post but i can't.
My budget is around $500 and i would like someone to tell me which plotter i can buy that i can cut both heat transfer paper and vinyl, maybe a plotter that has a optical eye on this price range (?) and i would also prefer personal experience answers. If there's someone out there that has a plotter on that price range and can do both, please write about your experience.

One last thing, my Design program of choice is Photoshop. Will i need to start using Corel or i can still design on Photoshop and transfer my work on the plotter software to be cut?

Thanks in advance.
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For $500 you will not find a new cutter that has an optic eye. You could try and look for a used one.
Expert 24LX will be out soon.....Around 700.00 from what I have read....
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Thanks for the replies, i decided to go with
USCutter LaserPoint 24 - Cutting Plotter Without Stand
and try my luck with that cause i really cannot wait forExpert 24LX.

Anyone who owns one and does contour cutting with it?

Bump. No love? :(

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Anyone who owns one and does contour cutting with it?
You can find all types of posts where members have shared their experiences with the laserpoint cutter using the search :) Here's a link: laserpoint related topics at T-Shirt Forums
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