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Is there a specific technique?

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everytime i see t-shirts sold only on websites i can't help but notice that they have a similar look to them (shirt.woot.com, stupidhurts.us) now i have a general idea as to how to accomplish the more artistic graphics for shirts but what about that cartoon-y look seen on the woot site? i'm guessing its vector art but do they free hand on a pen tablet or sketch it out and then scan it in? any clarification would help alot.
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My guess would be they are sketching them out on paper first to get the basic design then working them up on the computer as both vector and bitmaps using a drawing tablet. It really depends on the design and what you are doing. A few years ago I created a font and worked out the letters on paper first then using a tablet created them in the computer. Sometimes I have a good picture in my head and just start working on a blank page. So it comes down to what works best for you. In the end vector will give you more flexibility in what you can produce from the design, print, cut or both
depends on the artists. I have a phenomenal illustrator on staff that does all of our sketching for logos and intricate designs. He always starts with a pencil sketch and then scans and draws it in illustrator.
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It is all based on preference (sketch vs wacom)

Take a look at these 3 tutorials and show you the start to finish process of making these types of designs.

more cartoonish...
Create A Cute Creature Character From A Sketch In Illustrator | Vectips

more art deco...
Playing with Vectors in Illustrator | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials

more all over print...
Creating Complex Style Illustrations: A Process

Great tutorials, give them a look.

good luck.
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I definitely prefer to draw the design first, then usually ink it on vellum, then scan it. At this point I start vectorizing, cleaning up lines, and coloring it.
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