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we do 3 inches down from the neckline on crewnecks and just below the v on vnecks but the design will sometimes dictate placement. Larger up and down will go higher and wider might go lower. same for back on all shirts below a 2xl. lb is centered on the collar meeting the shoulder and 2/3 down the sleeve.

youth shirts get an adjustment up and 2xl and above get an adjustment down. hoodies get back placement 5 or 6 inches down. sleeve placements get center sleeve or slightly rolled forward.

know your customer. we have car club folks that order shirts 2 sizes to big for themselves so lb logos need to be moved in but not up because they use proclub shirts which have a tight neckline. we have women that order shirts 2 sizes too small so we have to be careful not to put designs in places where the top would roll under the breast or under the arm

good luck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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