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Is there a platen for screen printing on v-neck shirts?

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I have an order coming up that grew from 10 shirts to 50 shirts, and they are still adding more. The original plan was to use HTV however with so many ordered I would like to screen print them. Problem is they are ladies fitted v-necks.
We have done an order recently on v-necks and they didn't come out as nice as I would have liked. We had some trouble with design placement but the larger problem was trying to work around the collar. Does anyone know of a platen meant for v-neck printing or of a way to get the collar of the shirt out of the way while still getting consistent design placement? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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If you need to load the shirt with the v-neck on the platen, go to the hardware store and buy a sheet of 1/8" hardboard. Cut to fit your platen and trim out a v where the neck will be. Tape this to your platen and use it just like a regular platen. Note: you may need to raise your flash unit if you're using one.
well you can say specific right color as your requirement
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That is a great suggestion! Thank you so much!
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