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Is there a good "get print quotes" site dedicated to t-shirts?

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I have used quote services for regular (paper / book / box) printing before, and am looking for a recommendation for getting a good cross section of t-shirt print companies to quote a shirt.

Is there a service like this on this site? I didn't see one...
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I don't know of anything like that here, but there is a relatively new website that started a few months ago where people who want stuff done post their job and printers from all over bid on it. Here's the link just in case you're interested. Custom Printing Exchange - Home
Sweet, that's exactly what I am looking for (except the logo brings me back to 1994 a little too abruptly... in about 15 years that ultra extruded look will be cool again :p, but until then they need to google "logo contest").

I also noticed in the mean time that this forum has a site that lists and rates t-shirt manufacturers here:

PrinterListings - custom t-shirt printers reviewed at PrinterListings.com
I don't think that's a part of the forum. I think it's an outside source of some kind.
I don't know about this type of any sites. I think we can do it ourselves.
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