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Is the Epson Stylus SX215 up to scratch?

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New to the forum and the industry

I intend to startup a t shirt business in the near future. Initially printing my own designs at home then using a heat press machine.

Currently I have an Epson Stylus SX215 printer and wanted to know if this is good enough for a t shirt printing business?

Willing to upgrade the printer if need be, any recommendations? Seen a few calls for the Epson 1100

I have read a little on different types of inks and printing methods. I have heard Pigment inks is best, I believe the Durabite inks are pigment? Confirmation would be appreciated.

How does printing your own transfers stack up against Plastisol? Anyone know any good UK links for Plastisol?

Any help much appreciated

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That's an A4/Letter sized printer, right? The main reason to switch would be for larger format printing. 13x19 is a nice big size, giving you a little bit more room than printer that can only print on A3 sheets (13 x 19 seems standard for wide formats these days though). With the smaller printer you would have to print on multiple pages and align them somehow for larger prints with lots of text (i.e. a company shirt with website, etc), and be unable to do large single-image photos.
Ok thank you

So an A3 printer is best? Do you know which one?

Also can you still print A4 with an A3 printer?
Most people here seem to like the Workforce 1100. I think in Europe it's the B1100 or T1100 or something, I don't remember. I don't like it because I think the color output is terrible on plain paper, but most people here have good results using it for t-shirt transfers. The other reason people like it is because it uses pigment for all 4 colors, while the Stylus Photo 1400 does not (but you can buy aftermarket pigment inks for both printers).

It seems to be discontinued in the States, however. I don't know if this is a worldwide decision.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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