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Is the BN-20 right for me?

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Hi guys!

Making sign/stickers is not my main business. I work full time as a teacher and work evenings to make ends meet. I mostly do short run stuff. I rent a small space so I´m limited when it comes to machine size.

The machine will be doing work about one/two days pr. week. I´m trying to get into the business of offering designers and others an option to get short run productions of stickers/signs and small banners.

I´m also a bit unsure about the printer heads drying up etc. because the machine won´t run every day.

I know that a VP-300i would be a smarter choice when it comes to media, but my production space is limited (budget too).So it seems that it´s the "only" choice for me if I want to give printer cutting a go.

Would you advice me to go for the BN-20 based on the baove?Thank you very much for any feedback!

Kind regards

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How about a refurb 300 series?

Media is far cheaper.
Ok something else to think about. I was at a show in Columbus Ohio this past weekend. The Roland Rep. Could not give the answer I wanted about the BN-20. I do weekend shows so my show trailer is not always plug in to electric . He could not tell how long the BN-20 could go with power and not damage the unit.
We also wondered how we could fill production time on a machine and with each purchase we wish we would have gone either bigger or more.

That said we have a retail storefront but even with a home shop the word gets around.
How about a refurb 300 series?

Media is far cheaper.
I thought about it, but I´m afraid that I won´t be able to produce enough so that it clogs up... Also the size is an issue :/
Both the 20" and 30" printers turn themselves on and run a cleaning cycle after every 24 hours of inactivity. As long as you don't turn the main power off, you should be fine. I would just recommend doing more manual cleans and stick with a standard 4 color printer.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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