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Is the a suitable start up package (printer ink paper press)

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Is this a suitable start up package (printer ink paper press)


I have been reading through this forum for the last two weeks. I would like to ask some advice. Would the following be a suitable set up to sell T'shirts commercially.

Epson 7015 Ink Jet A3 printer (The printer has been used with standard cartridges) I am guessing I will need to flush any ink out. I was thinking of using Magic bullet print head cleaner.

Unitec CISS (4 color)

Cobra Pigment Ink (4 color)

Heat Press
Maxx 11X15 Heat Press

JPSS(for use on white Tees)

Adobe photoshop / ilustarter


I will be looking to sell shirts through commercially through my web site

I would like to know if this will be an effective and commercially viable set up. I have spend weeks researching and dont want to buy equipment that is not up to the job or compatable. As I do not have money to lose.

I would also like to know if I have missed any vital equipment.

Any advice and feedback would be gratefully apreciated.

I hope when I get printing I can become a valued memeber of this community.

Thank you in advance. If it helps I am based in the UK.
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Looks like you have basic equipment. I would suggest bigger press. 11x15 will soon be to small. A lot of people use a CIS, but I am not a fan. When you actually start, before you accept a job I would suggest printing some small images cut them out and press on scrap tees until you get time, temp and pressure down and learn how to best peel
I will look at a bigger press.

I am intrested to know if the paper, printer, ink are compatable and if they will acheive the best results. Are the t'shirts going to stand up to a standard machine wash, ironing etc.

This is a big investment for me and I am tying to find out if I will get good results. I already have the printer but non of the other items listed yet.
look for a Dk-s20 for a great heat press. If you need any info on sublimation, that's what I do. good luck unclett
I am not using sublimation . I am using pigment ink as my post says. I have chosen a press that is affordable to me at this time.

I am tyring to establish if the package listed will be effective. As i do not and can not affored to lose money on some thing that will not be effective.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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