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is someone know a font like finger painting FREE?

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Hi i'm looking to make a children finger painting look and ... any font in mind? (free)

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thanks Joe,

It's not what i look for. They're like brush, i want the finger look, thanks anyway...
Thank you Joe ! the second link has a lot of great FREE fonts !!! :)
yep, thanks splathead.... free fonts is always gtg. thanks.sts
Look up this font in GOOGLE...
Font is Painty Paint

Painty Paint Font | dafont.com
Thanks Mrs. Bacon,

CK figerpaint will do the job

Thanks again
I think you would get the best result if you just finger painted the letters your self, let them dry, scan them and trace them in illustrator. For something like this autotrace would work great.

Would probably take all of 15 minutes to do and would look unique to your project. Just sayin.....

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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