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Is paper faultly as white background recently visible?

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I've been using A3 Magic Touch TTC 3.5 transfer paper for about a year to print laserjet designs on white T-Shirts.
I always cut around image but some designs such as paint splatters or motorcycle handlebars mean a rough cut around. This has never been a problem as remaining white has always been transparent but in the last week I can clearly see the white background as an off white shape.
Is the paper defective or is something else going on. I have tried pressing a blank piece of the paper on a shirt and the shape of the piece is clearly visible. Is it an old batch of paper? Has anyone else had this happen? Box of paper is kept sealed in the plastic bag they provide.
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Using series of elimination it's not the Magic Touch paper which is good news as it's never let me down! More likely dust from dodgy compatible toners plastered over inside of HP 5550 printer. Time for a jumbo pack of microfibre cloth and some isopropyl alcohol.
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