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is oki c610 compatible with magic toutch cpm & ttc ?

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hi , i bought the oki c610 , and i cant use it with magic touch transfer paper , so i contacted magic touch they said its not compatible and its need a special software that cost 200$
is there any transfer paper brand that is compatible with c610 ?

so please any advise or help is deeply appreciated
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You can use the c610 for transferring.
You can also convert it to print white toner as well by purchasing a white toner start up kit for $489.00 to transfer onto Dark Fabric, clear decal film, waterslide decal film and dark stationary.
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I can tell you that Al's stuff works got his stuff for my new c831 a d wow, I am also doing stickers, slide off, I am especially happy with how well it works on clear, I amd doing alittle more then most and will shear if some one wants
This is a sticker I did for a customer its white then full color on clear vinyl then contour cut, I cut additional vinyl then laid the sticker taped the whole thing


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