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Is my Geo Knight 14 busted?

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Hi Guys

Picked up a Geo Knight 14 on eBay the other day. I've done a couple of shirts with it and they're fine. Went out to use it tonight and it won't come up to temperature. It's reaching about 100c (200f) and stopping.

Now it's not a warm evening tonight. I can see my breath but I'm OK in a t-shirt. I'd call it chilly. Is it likely that the press is just radiating away the extra heat it needs to come up to 200c?

I opened it up and the wiring seems OK. There is one wire not connected, but I think that is for running it on a single heating element.

I plan to take it to an appliance repair place tomorrow for a checkover. What do you reckon?

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Did you call Knight?

I would think electronic not electrical.

Stat, board, maybe but a call to Knight would be my first thing.
We use hotronix (6 of them, and those folks have always clued us in to weird stuff acting up)
Manual any good? Generally can download online if you did not get one.

We got a hotronix swinger, needed the keyboard ribbon cable turned around. Got a current model auto clam, had to put a board in, but I assume you paid low enough to fix stuff. hope so at least.
Is the relay activating - Is it clicking?

Have you moved it since you used it last?
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