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Is jpss available in large format rolls and oversized sheets

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I am new to heat transfer. I have been printing large format digital for sometime and simply got tired of turning down all the requests for customers shirt needs. Since we are familiar with large format in other markets we naturally followed our strenths and purchased large sub printers and a 60" drum heat press. Does the jpss come in large 54"
rolls and 13" sheets or an I limited to 8.5x11 sheets.

What are any limitations of the product

I am a first time user of forums and am amazed at what I have been missing all this time.

thank You
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These guys have 11X17 sheets and 17X100" rolls. All InkJet Heat Transfer Paper

Limitations include application to white/light only garments.
thanks Joe Is there a simular quality product for inkjet printing got darks Rick
t-shirtsupplies.com also has 17"x100ft rolls of jetwear for darks, as well as 11x17.
Take a look at their web site or contact Mike, he is very helpful.
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