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Hi everyone,

I've had my DTG Kiosk 3 for two years now, and have yet to change the print head. That said, it doesn't get worked really hard (regularly, just not excessively), and I've not been using white ink.

My question is... Is it now time to change the print head? Or is the recent deterioration in print quality perhaps down to any other factors? Because I've read about people 'just knowing' when it needs replacing, but can't find people showing proper specific examples of what to look for.

In the last few months, I've noticed:

- Colours not printing as accurately as before, appearing a little more 'smudged'
- On images where it's black on a white t-shirt, often the black leaves (very slight) marks where no print should be. This is really noticeable when it's just meant to be black on white t-shirt.

Here's an (extreme) example of what I mean in the first case:

View image: IMG 2548

...Where you can see how the black is smudging into the yellow.

That said, the colours themselves remain fairly vibrant and accurate (not dull/ streaky)...

Is this down to the print head being on its last legs? Or could it be another issue? Is there anything else I could try or clean first to get better results? (Apart from the usual print head cleans after use, encoder strip and belt cleaning, etc...)

Or do I now have to bite the bullet, and pay out for someone to come and fit a new print head! (As I don't think I have the guts to try and do it myself!!!)

All thoughts gratefully received!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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