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Is it possible to use the discharge ink of the mimaki in a kiosk?

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Is someone tried it already?
Is mimaki have epson head like the kiosk ?
If so, why it will not work?

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Mimaki does use Epson heads, though I believe they use two seperate heads - one for discharge and one for colors. I would not recommend it as the discharge inks are not good for the heads and require washing of the garment prior to wearing. In the incestuous digital world that we live in, if it works (and is viable and not patented), it will be copied. Notice that no one else is using a discharge system.

any mimaki user that can confirm if it's a separate head for the discharge ink?

I personnaly think that it will be great to use the discharge ink on any printer because it THE look that alot of custemer want and for me a possible alternative to the terrible white process....
The thing about discharge, at least the stuff we have, is that its only good for about 24 hours after being activated. It would not be practical to clean out heads each night and waste that discharge. Is there discharge that stays activated?

Rj Dollen
Thanks RJ

I am not sure if understand.

First are you talking about mimaki's discharge ink or silk screen ink?

Second do you have a mimaki printer that use discharge and if so can you descrive the process involve to use the discharge print

neither.. the shop I work with gets a lot of beta equipment to test. This set up was with a DTG printer that i don't know the make of off the top of my head.. and with Wilflex NF super white discharge.

Rj Dollen
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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