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is it possible to do glows with hm-1 on dark

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Hey DTG printers,
I need to know if it is possible
to print this png graphic transparent background with glows
faded as in this graphic, on dark colors
if someone has had success in doing this
would you please take my drawing and print
it on a dark shirt, and if sucessful would you be kind enough
to email settings in dtg rip pro 4 software
that you used, i am assuming it has something to
do with the choke, but I'm sure someone has already solved this, I have uploaded the file, if you don't mind trying.

much appreciated!!
you may email me here

thanks again!


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We are in Tampa.. we have a K2/RIP 4 but from our experience glows are very hard to replicate.

you can email me and let me look at it..but more than likely if there is anything outside that last glow it will show up.

Not exactly sure what you mean by glows? Are you talking about the purple gradients on his belly?

Can you post a pic of what you are getting that you don't like, as an example?
Hi Printzilla, thanks for the quick response,
no what I mean is on the outside of the dragon
is a white glow surrounding his body,
I wanted to know if it's possible to print this effect
along with the Dragon, on a dark shirt without the glow
looking like a white clump surrounding him,
that's what I would like to do, if it's possible.
Not exactly sure what you mean by glows? Are you talking about the purple gradients on his belly?

Can you post a pic of what you are getting that you don't like, as an example?

I think he's talking about the "outer glow" around the entire image.
Hello again Printzilla,:confused:
The left picture is simulated to what I would like to get
the right one is what I am currently getting
which shows not enough subtle gradation of fade
in otherwords too bright and too thick,

hopefully this make sense, I just want to know
if I can achieve the left picture
or isn't it possible with the hm-1?

thanks again


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I'll play with it tomorrow and see what I can do with mine.
Jeff, this wouldn't have anything to do with the choke settings. I don't have dtg rip pro, but it's made by the same developers of our rip, so the controls should be similar. In the white creation area, there should be a slider for the sensitivity of white ink. It's probably below the drop down menu for how you want to create your under base (i.e. use transparent background). Slide that all the way down. Even though your on screen preview will look very dark, don't worry about it, the print will come out fine.

If that doesn't work well enough, you can create your under base in Photoshop and import your white layer into the rip. This will give you much better controls. You would need to create the page the way you want it to print and in the correct position, and create the white under base in the same file. Then save the white under base and color layer as two separate files. When you import the color layer, don't move the position on your copy board and then import your white layer by choosing the appropriate selection under the drop down menu in the white generation area of your rip. It's a few more steps, but if lowering the slider doesn't yield the results you want, this option will.

Of course, this is assuming the controls are similar to our rip.
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With FastRIP / EZ RIP all you need to is drop the PNG on the RIP (or use the special Send to button in PhotoShop). It will create the underbase with the fade for you based on the transparency information.

We have two ways of adjusting the strength of the fade (as this will depend a lot on the underbase resolution and device). You have a gamma adjustment (like levels control) which is run as part of the creation of the underbase from the transparency layer or in PhotoShop we provide a plugin that will adjust the transparency (which in our RIP is the underbase) directly for you and you can see this in a preview.

This stuff shouldnt be complicated any more, it was in the early days, but now its should be easy for user to do these kind of graphics.

Nice image.

Best regards

Here is an example I printed today. The top is yours the bottom is mine. I purposely blew out the glow to demonstrate what can be done. You need to make it larger than what you originally did, but not as large as my example. The fine glow gets lost on the garment, so if you make it about twicw as large on screen as you want, then it will keep about half of that on the shirt. Also, do not just rely on the glow from PS. Go into the curves and adjust it. Picking a slightly light grey also helps carry out some of the info better when wanting to acxcomplish a "white" glow. Colors are easier, because they show up better and the edge is less defined. It will never look as good as if it was on paper, or as good as the Epson drivers look on white (because that is rocking awesome! That is how we started printing at the begining. We had no RIP for the Tjet, so we double passed with the Epson drivers. Best quality prints ever. Slow as Xmas, but rocking good!)

The picture is blurry , it looks like a solid white halo. but it is actually a gradient.


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Thanks for all your help Printzilla:)
Glad to help. Post up a picture of the final print when you get it dialed in.
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