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Is it legal to sell shirts from your car in NY state?

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I would like to sell shirts on the streets. Is a permit required for this?

Would the case be different if I had product set up outside in the street vs inside the trunk of my car?

Would the case be different if it was at a parade?
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Ok so I stumbled upon a Youtube video which took me to the following link.

New York City Department of Consumer Affairs - General Vendor License

Apparently you need a general vendors permit to sell any goods except "artwork" which is defined as paintings, photographs, prints & sculptures.

Cool so let me apply for a permit...but apparently permits will not be granted unless you are a veteran...

So it looks like I can only apply for a parade permit. Does anyone have experience with this?
Yes, BLieve is correct. I just spoke with DCA Licensing Dept and got confirmation on their nonsensical laws. You CANNOT get a General Vending license if YOU ARE NOT a Veteran or related to one. A discrimination lawsuit must be somewehere in DCA's future on these grounds. Apparently there is a pending lawsuit in Manhattan where the premise is that hand-printed t-shirts can be considered art, and if as such, then General Vendors license will not be needed. I'll keeps tab on that verdict. For law-abiding sellers now, only individual Temp Street Fair license (single event) are given.


New York City Department of Consumer Affairs - General Vendor License
I would think the law would be different on private property as opposed to public, try and get permission to sell from a parking lot on private property, of course paying for the space.
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