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Is flex the same as vinyl?

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Since I've been coming on here I've noticed a few people are confused by the term "flex", which is what all the suppliers I've been speaking to seem to use.

Is it what is known in North America as "vinyl"?

I need to know as I'll soon be working with companies in the States and I don't want anything to be lost Transatlantic translation!

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Cad-cut heat applied vinyl...examples. Thermoflex, Spectr-Cut, Gorilla Grip etc.
I believe that they are identical, with flex being primarily a UK term. I think this may be partly because that type of printing is more popular/well known in the UK than the US, but I don't know for sure if this is true.
I kind of forgot this thread after the interesting conversation I had clarifying this with David on another thread!


It looks like I was quite naive to the sheer amount of different print options there were out there....
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