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As many of you, one major clientele is small businesses order from a few to 50 or so shirts. Many of these designs are 2-5 colors and are mostly placed on the back and on the front chest. Will i lose any quality going from screen to DTG ? How many of you are currently using your DTG for these types of orders ?
I'm sure everyone will have their own opinion based on what's best for their particular business, however, I suspect that many Screen printers DO rely on a DTG printer for the smaller jobs (1-100 shirts). In fact, DTG is great for doing any job that falls below your standard screen printing minimums (unless of course you'd rather turn those customers away).

IMO, you won't lose any "quality" with DTG. However, high quality DTG prints do require a good DTG printer, a good RIP program, and a good pre-treatment technique. The brand and the quality of the garment (that you print on) can also effect the final outcome. In other words, you can't just push a button and expect great results.

Personally, I've yet to see a DTG printer that out-performs the NeoFlex printer with respect to the quality of the print.

Good luck.
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