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Is discharge ink damaging to fabric?

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Hey! Just a quick question for all you knowledgeable folk out there; does anyone know if discharge ink can damage/ weaken fibers in a 100% cotton t-shirt (especially with prolonged exposure)?. I know the active ingredients in discharge are not bleach and have a minimal activation time, but I know that treating clothing with a high volume bleach solution can damage and/ or ruin the integrity of the fabric. This can cause the shirt to feel brittle or even get holes/wear away/fall apart up to a few months later. Has anyone had a problem with maybe adding too much activator to their discharge resulting in ruining a t-shirt, or anything similar?

Thanks in advance!!
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We have never had any problems with the discharge affecting the integrity of the fabric. I have shirts that have been through 30+ washes without any negative effects.
when mixed, printed and cure right you should have no problem. but, if you're using to much ZFS activator you can fry the threads in the shirt. also be sure to not run your dryer to hot and slow.
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Thanks for validating my suspicions, Blake!
after printing several hundred shirts at our openhouse in May with plasticharge ink from union we have had no problems with damage to fabric on 100% cotton mix by manufactures specifications you should experience no fabric damage
We print with discharge here a lot too, with no problems.

The reason I asked, was because I was wondering if discharge could be diluted in lieu pf bleach, and used on a t-shirt as an immersion wash to give it a kind of an acid wash effect, without potentially damages the fibers of the shirt as bleach can.
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