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Is design possible for screen print? If so how

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I know little about screen printing, but from what I do understand a logo like this cannot be screen printed. Any ideas on how to get this on a shirt? Thank you guys in advance.


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I think it can be screen printed. I see 2 colors there light gray and blue. All you need is color separation software like simple seps, convert your colors to halftones and have at it. I would put a white underbase on a black shirt. I'm by no means an expert. I'm still trying to learn halftones but it is amazing what people have been able to do with screen printing halftones.
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If you want it similar to that, and you're on a budget, a couple of screens could approximate it--if you want it to look exceptionally close to the original you'd probably be looking at five screens, simulated process--an underbase grey, dark grey, dark blue-grey, medium grey and highlight, would be my guess.

Either way it would be a challenge to get a very accurate print of that--very subtle tones like that are difficult to screen print.
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I went back to look at your links. The first one says the domain is for sale. The second one - the blog - is really old. Looks like you've been doing something else over the years since you started it.
Nice design!
This could be printed as under white, blue, grey, black.
It's challenging to prepare and separate this kind of graphics right way and if technical equipment allows you put it on screen it's not so hard to print :)
it can be done, but it will require a top notch separator to keep all those fine lines int the art. The art would actually have to be tweaked so when it prints, the lines are not lost due to dot gain and limitation of the process.
Few hundred for the seps and a good printer can do this without a problem (we print similar stuff almost every day).

Yeah, cake walk for that Blue moon guy. ;)
That can be separated out with UltraSeps and print beautiful. The stuff we are turning out using UltraSeps has been far superior to what we used to get from professional separators.
Helloooooooooo Newman! You still think we were your problem I see. Be careful, Randy doesn't put up with silliness either.
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