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Is anything wrong with this design?

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Fierce Clothing Online Store

I wasn't sure how well I designed it.

I think there's too many steps to checkout (I'm desperately trying to find a CubeCart hack - but they all seem to involve shelling out $12.99!)

I wasn't sure whether I should have an introductory homepage or one that displays the products up front...

What's everyone's opinions? Is there anything wrong?
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Your Fierce sponsorships click here link does not seem to be working?
the website isn't balanced very well, everything seems stacked to the left.. and the type is inconsistent, its like every block of text changes size? and I'm realy not a fan of your top banner.. I like that talk **** get hit shirt tho.

Your site is very bland, get more colour. Also some of your shirts are only S & M and I can't see any XL shirts. You have a knitware section but no items, when I see knitware I think of my 85 year old Gran.
You need to add an address and Tel No. Also you need a privacy section. The text is very small in some sections, I had problems reading it and I don't wear glasses etc.
I may have missed this one, but are your T-shirts just for men or they unisex ?, as you don't appear to have a male/female section.

Regards Obeseman
Hey boss,

I think the color of the site is fine, but focus more on the clothes and less on the facial percing and hair color. (sorry if thats u) that kind of thing only takes away from your clothes. Plus make the pictures of the clothes bigger, they will show off more detail.

Layout is simple and easy. I like that. It doesnt make me look for anything, its right there. Overall i would give u a 7 out of 10.

good job, keep up the good work.

You dont have a WOMENS and MENS section.. That makes it more frustrating to view. I dont want to look at guys shirts if i am shopping for myself. I just want to click WOMENS and see everything for girls.

Center your FIERCE logo and it will help balance things.. You probably can make the Fierce logo a little more graphical. Its rather bland and not memorable. I am ALL ABOUT simple clean webdesign, but too simple is just boring..

I do not like that you cant click to enlarge your images.. You REALLY should have that option

When you add something to cart, it seems that the shopping cart box tables are off. .the cart contents go outside the main table there. looks weird. Also, the header says FEATURED PRODUCTS even though it is my shopping cart box..

Then, when you view your cart contens, you completely LOOSE the right column and the contents stretch across the screen. You should keep the right column to keep the site uniform through out. You dont really want to change the layout as people click..

i was able to click CHECKOUT without EVER entering any delivery address or invoice address.. thats a BIG deal.. people might order fromy ou and you will have NO IDEA where to send it to.

You should consider getting real merchant account. You can get a paypal payment pro for website where the customer NEVER leaves your website, but paypal still processes your payments. It looks more professional when a customer can checkout right there on yoursite without going to paypal.

The buynow buttons should be BIGGER. There were studies done with the same products ont he same website and it proved that basically, the bigger and more eye catching the BUY NOW button is, the more likely people are to click it.. SO get working on that..

Your meta info is lacking. You have very few words in your keywords..
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Hey, thanks to everyone for the helpful advice. :)

I removed the link for the sponsorships because I intend on making that area soon. So it's not working yet.

One of the main aspects of the site design I wanted was a nav bar to the left. I read an article which showed the main areas of a site page which a person engages with, and the left side showed alot of clicks. I'm going to try and extend more functions to the right side now however. The fonts are different because the headers etc. aren't standard fonts used in CSS or HTML - so I had to compromise.

The site's colour scheme was modelled on TOPMAN - Mens Fashion - Mens Clothing - Topman a simple and elegant scheme which is extremely effective to my target market. Knitwear is a highly stylish and successful area of clothing; especially around winter with cardigans, v-neck jumpers, etc.

I'll definitely try and make the point that all t-shirts are unisex more obvious.

I'll also look into my banner location and design; and the click to enlarge function. Your checkout information was useful.

As for the delivery details, I use PayPal - which requires buyers to register an account with them before payment. Part of the registration process is logging your shipping address. Therefore I get all the information I need. The reason I used this and not the CubeCart normal PayPal route (internal to the website until the final payment) was that it involved too many steps to checkout. I reduced it from around 7 clicks to checkout to around 4. I thought that was important?

I'll enlarge the buttons and work on my SEO.

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There are a lot of people who won't like you trying to force them to sign up with Paypal just to buy a T-shirt. So you will loose customers, for instance me. Do as lindsayanng
One last thing is Need Money promote us is really tacky.

Regards Obeseman
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