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laylaazure said:
Does the customer really care if American Apparel t-shirts are used as opposed to another company? Of course quality is very important, however, if you can get the same quality of shirt from a different company for much less expensive, what is the benefit of using American Apparel shirts over another company?

Are they really a socially conscious company or is that hype?
I think it really is going to depend on your market. American Apparel sel form-fitting shirts that are very light weight. They cater to a younger audience as that is usually the style. I'm in the same position as you right now, as to which brand to carry.

I'm starting with Hanes Beefy-T just because they hold up really well. But I may also carry American Apparel at a slightly higher price for those who want it. I hope to get feedback from my customers as to what brands they prefer because thats what really matters, not what I like personally.

But as many have stated on these forums before, if you have great designs people will most likely buy your shirts. Not to say to get the lowest quality shirt to cut costs, but something in between. I know many here use Fruit of the Loom or Jerzee. I would just order some samples from a variety of companies and see what bests fits your busines and wait for the feedback.
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