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Is all pigment ink the same?

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I know that there is dye sublimation, laser printer, and pigment ink. I know that pigment ink is the way to go for heat transfer paper, but I wanted to ask,

Is all the pigment inks the same? I have seen gallon bulk pigment ink at amazon for 400 USD with 4 colors, but I wanted to see if there's any difference with pigment inks comparing to different pigment ink brands.
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I buy about 4 liters (CMYK) of water proof pigment ink from amazon labeled ND inks. And while DYe ink cost $80 for CMYK, This $200 pigment ink is really water proof. Even when bleached on a white shirt the color only slightly faded. No smear No Bleeding. Ink is very thick consider ink INKJET head cleaning liquid for monthly maintenance.
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