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Is a copam cp 2500 worth $250?

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I have someone who is willing to sell me a gently used copam cp-2500 for $250. I am assuming this is a good 8 years old, but has seen minimal use.

Any reason why this would not work for cutting sticky exterior grade vinyl or vinyl for t-shirt press? Any expected issues?

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Check the roller clamps , they tend to crack if not careful and replacements are $100 each
I know this to be true
Copam is a really nice and heavy duty machine,, doesn't track well unless everything is just right, I think 8 years ago it had the sensors front and back which is nice.. It probably doesn't have a usb so you will have to use a high speed Usb to serial adapter to connect to your computer
I have a Copam cp2500 and used it for about 6 years. it worked flawlessly every time. Especially if you use it to cut sheets of material no longer then 150 cm it will have good precision and the material won't slip out of the rollers. I used mine havy dutty but it never failed and it didn't require service.
I have left in unused for 2 months in a temperature no higher then 5 degrees Celsius and it started and worked with no problems.
It's Chinese but it's built professional and robust. it features 64mb buffer (average Chinese cutter only have 2MB buffer).

I brought mine for 700$ - but if I were to sell it I would ask no less then 400 - 500 for it so for 250$ I think it's a very good price.

Anyway this is just my opinion. I don't know the actual state of the one you wish to buy. but this model it's a good one
Just got mine. ABout to fire it up. $250 with the stand and a bunch of blades.
Congratulations, don't forget to place your review here :)
Got it, been using it, love it, paid for itself over and over within 2 weeks.
To be honest, any vinyl cutter for $250-400 that works is worth it and you will make your money back times 1000 in a very short time. We don't do a ton of vinyl anymore because our business has shifted and I don't have time to sit down and do all the custom orders, but it will definitely be worth the money.
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