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I am unemployed and looking to use my last tax return check on "entry level" equipment. I am "honestly" a fan of silk screening, but after researching and spacing (as I ONLY have my bedroom to work with), I came to realize that the ONLY solution is to get some entry level heat press, transfer, vinyl words and letter equipment, since I can not logically get decent silk screen set.

I found the TransPro 15 x 15 is the most affordable heat press machine at $299, but I have NO CLUE of what other "bare essentials" I need to buy as well. Can you all please help me with accurate videos or knowledge? I youtube'd but didn't find anything really usefull. Everything i found they were trying to SELL something that I could not afford.

I know any ink jet printer will do, but besides that, what else do I need to get to be able to print those small souvenier/gift bags, some 1 off and 2 offs t shirts using vinyl, sparkley letters and maybe that stuff that "looks like" leather or jell lettering? Something so that I can print/press at least 100-200 pieces a week-just getting my feet wet.

I will order better equipment shortly after the summer's done and I've made some money with this system, but for now, I need something NEW that I can order tomorrow. Can you all suggest some things with my listed, limited budget above?
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