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is 30 seconds too long to heat press??

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i bought some JPSS transfer paper and the colors look great on the paper , but when i heat press it on a white tee for 30 seconds the colors come out dull. is it because im 30 seconds of heat does that? instructions said 375 degrees for 30 seconds
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You might need more or less pressure, I'm thinking more.
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What is the printer and the ink that you are using? Also, providing a couple of photos would help diagnose the problem.
I'm using Epson artisan 837 or 873 ,with Claria ink
With with and without , I tried both
Transfer papers and dye based inks don't work too well. I would say that could be your problem. The artisan line of Epson printers all use dye based inks while everything else uses pigmented inks. But as suggested you may need to use more pressure.
Would it make a difference if I use sublimation
Sublimation only works on white or very light pastel polyester fabric. Part of the problem could be the ink. You need a pigment ink for heat transfers. The dye based inks (Claria) wash out. You might want to get an Epson workforce 1100. That one uses pigment inks (durabrite).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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